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If you're looking for a reliable professional cleaning service of the highest quality, you've come to the right place! Five Star Cleaning Company is committed  to our client's satisfaction. 

Whether you're a dedicated parent, busy professional, or simply unable to keep your 
home as clean as you'd like, put us to work!

We specialize in mostly ​'green cleaning', an environmentally friendly service safe for everyone in your family especially allergy and asthma  sufferers, children, and the  elderly.  We  formulate our  own  all  purpose   andgranite cleaners and use all natural Bona Hardwood cleaner for hard service floors. We have not discovered a suitable chemical free stainless steel cleaner or glass cleaner but the ones we use have no lingering scents and are not known to cause adverse reaction.   We have every tool  it takes to make your home shine like new (including some amazing little tricks of the trade). Click on our 'Services' tab above for a more detailed list of optionsWe look forward to hearing from you
Five Star Cleaning Co.
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