Five Star Cleaning Co.
Serving the Lovely Sequim Washington Area
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Every Time Green Clean Service
Our Promise: You won't have to clean behind us when we leave. :) 
Cobweb Removal*
Light Fixtures Cleaned*  
Vents Cleaned*
Shower Soap Scum Removal 
Tub Basin Scrubbed
Hardware Cleaned & Polished
Grime Removed from Sink Rim 
Grime Removed from Hardware Rims 
Grime Removed from Drain Holes 
​Clean & Sanitize Counter Tops 
​Cabinet Fronts Cleaned*
Toilet Cleaned from Tank to Base  
Dirt Removed from Toilet Hinges
Stains Removed from Toilet Bowl 
Light Switches and Plates Cleaned* 
Door Knobs Sanitized*
Trash Bins Emptied and Cleaned*
Mirrors Shined
Walls Spot Cleaned*
​Molding & Baseboards Cleaned*
​Floors Cleaned

Cobweb Removal*
Light Fixtures Cleaned*  
Vents Cleaned*
Top of Cabinets Dusted*
Cabinet Fronts Cleaned*
Hardware Sanitized
Small Appliances Wiped Down* 
Top of Refrigerator Cleaned
Refrigerator Door Cleaned 
​Refrigerator Vent Cleaned* 
​Refrigerator Gasket Cleaned*
Microwave Interior/Exterior Cleaned  
Stove Range Knobs Cleaned
Stove Range Top Stains Removed
Oven Door Cleaned
Oven Glass Cleaned Int/Ext
Trash Bins Emptied & Cleaned*
Back Splash Cleaned
Counter Tops Cleaned & Polished
​Hardware & Fixture Rims Cleaned
​Sink Basin Stains Removed
Molding & Baseboards Cleaned* Floors Cleaned
NEW: Fridge interiors wiped out each time as a complementary service

Bedrooms & Common Areas
Cobweb Removal*
Light Fixtures / Fans Cleaned*  
Window Blinds Dusted/Wiped
Vents Cleaned*
All Hard Furniture Dusted/Polished
Upholstered Furniture Vacuumed*
Under & Behind Furniture Cleaned*
Remotes and Telephones Sanitized
Door Knobs Sanitized*
Switch Plates Sanitized*
Computer / TV Monitors Cleaned*
Closet Shelving Cleaned*
Closet Floors Vacuumed & Cleaned
Art Work Dusted
Vases and Knick Knacks Dusted
Plants and Artificial Flowers Dusted
Trash Bins Emptied & Cleaned* 
Molding & Baseboards Cleaned*
Floors Cleaned   
Laundry / Utility Room:
Shelving Cleaned*
Washers and Dryers Cleaned*
Under Appliances Cleaned*
Wash Sink Cleaned*

When you choose Five Star Cleaning Company, you will get much more than just basic service. We strive to go above and beyond your expectations. Our thorough cleaning system ensures everything in your home is regularly cleaned. Below is a list of chores we take care of on our first visit and every visit thereafter. Note: items with (*) completed as often as needed.
The first thing we'd like to do is meet with you to determine what your needs are and to take a look at the current condition of your home. Then we can set up a service and price that works well for all of us. Below is just a guideline only and reflects the average cost to keep a house sparkling clean.

Size of House               Once a Week           Every 2 Weeks            Once a Month       Factors that may slightly affect price

​Please note, we charge by the job not by the hour for the above service. Sorry, we are unable to take clients with pets or indoor smokers. We would be happy to recommend a non affiliated trusted house cleaner who may have some availability for pet owners. Contact us for details.

Most homes will require an intitial deep cleaning. We charge $35 per hour for this one time service due to the extra hard work necessary to remove all soap scum, scale, grease, and build up and fingerprints not to mention we move appliances to get rid of anything that has collected under and behind there over the years. This can take between 5 and 10 hours to complete so the estimated cost is anywhere from $175 for your average 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home and rarely exceeding $295 for especially large or neglected homes. After we assess the condition of your house, we will give you a "worse case scenario price" that we won't go over even if we work longer. And if we get it done sooner, we will charge less. You will love the results!

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​2 Bed 2 Bath 
​3 Bed 2.5 Bath 
​4 Bed 3 Bath 
​Majority Hardwood / Tile flooring, Granite Counters, Stainless Steel Appliances, Number of People residing in home, Level of Tidiness and Cleanliness, Amount of Furnishings and Decorations, Senior Citizen's Limited Income, Square Footage of Home, Request for Bed Making Service, Etc.